Extraits du Journal Spirituel / Ang / 104p

English 100 pages booklet
 Format :   5,25  x 7,5 in / 13 x 19 cm
From the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann

We are in Back Order for the 100-page booklets.

The booklets are currently in press and we hope to receive them at the end of March, month of St. Joseph.

You can still order at the same price of $0.05 cents per booklet. We ask you to be lenient because shipping for United States and Canada is expensive.

Here is the price of the booklet shipping included:
United States and Canada: About $0.85 each.

We expect substantial donations from those who can help us keep this exceptional low price. At the request of the Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary, we must spread this wonderful gift from Heaven at all costs to blind Satan.

Be blessed for your help!

* For those who order in quantity
* We can't put more than 80 booklets in each box.

You cannot order more than 80 booklets per order.
If you want more, you must place a second order and so on for the others.

Or, sent a request with name, address and phone number and we will do it for you.

The Virgin Mary said:
"I will support your work with miracles as never seen before, and that the reparation to my Divine Son will accomplish imperceptibly, gently and silently.” 

Special is for United States and Canada.

The Lord Jesus asks to lower the price to $0,05 cents USD and $0,07 CAD

For Canada and other country, we will adjust the price of the shipping on the invoice.

0,05 $

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