Booklet / All about Unity Prayer / French

 45 pages

Everything we needs to know about the Unity prayer.

We have listed in the Spiritual Diary all the messages concerning the Unity Prayer and we have printed a booklet of 41 pages. We find every moment when Jesus talks to Elizabeth and trie to make her understand what he wants from her, is written in this booklet. We have understood that these words concern us all and we must try to understand what Jesus wants, not only for Elizabeth but for us too.

If we wish to enter deeply and meditate on these messages that are of paramount importance to our soul, we will enter directly into the heart of Jesus, do his will and live with Him.
What he desires of us, what he desires us to live in depth, is found in these excerpts.

To understand the Unity Prayer is to take a great step to enter into the Heart of Jesus.
His greatest desires are in this booklet:

Walking together, acting together, constantly having a heart to heart with Him, thinking together, resting together, looking into each other's eyes and begging the Eternal Father with Him. This involves offering oneself and suffering with Him. Suffering for souls, our family members, our friends, those who refuse to go to God.

This booklet is made for you!

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