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The Online Store is now renewed.

The categories have been greatly improved and you have access to the available documents.

Most documents can be stored on your computer and you even have permission to copy and publish them if desired.

For anyone wishing to purchase the documents, we are always ready to mail them to you. The profits help us tremendously to be able to continue printing. In order for printing costs to be lower, we need to print in large quantity. We have to invest large sums to print and pay for the storage of all the material.
Thank you for helping us with your Donations which are always welcome.

---- If you're still struggling shopping, don't delay in writing to us.

   ---- No Order Confirmation ----
When you make an order and click Pay by check - we receive your order.
However, you do not receive confirmation of your order. We will remedy to this difficulty as soon as possible.
When you receive your order, information of your order will be in the box. Then, you can send a check .

   ---- The Holy Card of Mary ----
It is now available in English, we already printed 60,000 copies.

The Spanish Novena booklet is available in the Categories, click on Novena. Order as soon as possible, to distribute it to Spanish people.

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September 09, 2020

"I will enkindle in millions of souls the Flame of Love of my Mother. Satan's fire will be unable to extinguish this Flame"
(Spiritual Diary, 360 pages – January 16, 1966)